Down on Trump for Downsizing National Monuments

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President Trump’s re-endorsement of Roy Moore of Alabama, the GOP candidate for an open U.S. Senate seat and an alleged child molester, dominated headlines on Monday, but POTUS made decision that riled social media. Trump announced enormous cuts to two monuments in Utah: The Bears Ears National Monument will be reduced in size by 90 percent, while the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument will be cut in half. “I have come to Utah to take a very historic action: to reverse federal overreach and restore the rights of this land to your citizens,” Trump said. It’s unclear whose land he’s referring to since Native Americans have long defended the areas because of their archeological and sacred burial sites. Trump wants to allow for the privatization of the land, including potentially some sort of oil and gas development. His reductions—the largest for any monuments in U.S. history—are direct rebukes to President Obama, who protected Bears Ears, and President Clinton, who did the same for the Grand Staircase. Conservationist groups have already filed a lawsuit to fight Trump, and the Navajo Nation is threatening to sue as well. For the last fews days “Trump + National Monuments” has a just 34 percent positive score on Social. –Alex Shultz

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