Food52's Automagic Thanksgiving Menu Maker Is Here!

It’s as though someone waved a wand. Suddenly, the Halloween cobwebs are gone and Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. And one of our favorite menu planning tools has returned, more helpful and more beautiful than ever before: Food52’s Automagic Thanksgiving Menu Maker. Use it to map out your holiday table, category by category—from sweet potatoes and regular ol’ potatoes to pie and “something green, please”—and even inspire some new favorites along the way.

Eat thoughtfully—and plan ahead.
Eat thoughtfully—and plan ahead.
Photo by Bobbi Lin

If it’s your first Thanksgiving with our Menu Maker, know this: It’s seriously easy to use, and you can quickly outline a dinner plan using the scrollable, interactive page. Your customized menu will include topical tips from our editors, along with guidance from our Hotline to really carry you through the day. Best of all? Our Menu Maker can help you find exactly what you’re looking for (say, a kicky cranberry sauce) without having to sift around mentally for where did I see that recipe again…

Here’s how it works:

  • First, scroll down to start with the more pressing questions—like, what kind of main dish do you want to serve? You only have to answer the questions you want, which means, yes, you can leave off stuffing if you’re a stuffing-hater (say it ain’t so!). Or double up on Brussels sprout dishes. You do you.
To go classic or not to go classic? Tinker away!
To go classic or not to go classic? Tinker away!
  • Next, pick a couple of recipes from our collection based on your answers to each question. The recipes you select will go into a custom Thanksgiving menu, with all of the dishes in one place.
  • Finally, you can email the menu to your holiday guests so they know what’s on the docket. You can even post your menu to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so your relatives (and everyone else!) can get inspired. And come November 15th, you’ll be able to print your menu and recipes for easy reference as you cook.

So let’s get started, shall we?

(via Food52)

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