Why Are Chefs So Excited About…Water?

A British couple has figured out how to smoke water. David and Alison Lea-Wilson, of North Wales, have developed a process that runs filtered tap water through oak chips and oak dust. What emerges is an amber-hued liquid that begets a sharp smoky taste.

David and Alison developed the product, dubbed Halen Mon Oak Smoked Water, in 2013 after a request from Heston Blumenthal, chef and owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck.

This Simple Trick Will Make Your Whiskey Taste So Much Better
This Simple Trick Will Make Your Whiskey Taste So Much Better
by Valerio Farris

The couple developed the Anglesey Sea Salt Co. almost 20 years ago, producing renowned sea salt used by cooks like Martha Stewart and Dan Barber. Additionally, their smoked water has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with bottles on shelves in British department store Harvey Nichols and in chefs’ kitchens across London. At The Fat Duck, a few dishes on the extensive (and expensive) tasting menu feature smoked water like braised pork belly with a smoked coconut gel.

Smoked water works nicely in meat marinades and salad dressings. And some bake it into bread or whisk it into brines. The product is yet to be available stateside—it only just made its way across the pond at the New York Fancy Food Show. The couple hopes their smoked water will soon join their sea salt on the shelves of American specialty stores.

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