A Mean, Green, Pantry-Friendly Soup That's As Good Hot or Cold

Melissa Hemsley is one half of the U.K.-based Hemsley + Hemsley, the wildly popular food and wellness company she built up with her sister, Jasmine. Now, Melissa is on her own with her first solo cookbook, Eat Happy: 30-Minute Feelgood Food, where she champions quick recipes that focus on maximizing flavor, limiting waste, and as the title suggests, keep you feeling bright. Read on for her take on a great weeknight-friendly green powerhouse of a soup.

Watercress is such a fantastic and tasty leafy green. It’s one of my favorite greens―delicious raw in salads or lightly cooked in soups and stews. Here, it shines supreme as the star of this recipe: a cheerful and crowd-pleasing watercress, pea, and mint soup.


(via Food52)

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