Top 5 Trending Netflix Shows Right Now

Netflix has a horde of exciting shows available for streaming right now to keep you hooked to the screen for some fabulous indulgence. The 5 trending TV shows I have picked are a fantastic blend of entertainment, engaging screenplay, and awesome direction. Take a look.

Breaking Bad

This has got to be one of the most loved TV shows ever, so get your Netflix all set for streaming and have a pro do some Netflix proxy error resolution if required, so not to miss out on the fun. The plot highlights the events in the life of a high-school chemistry teacher (Walter White) who has been diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. Bryan Cranston skillfully essays the role of Walter White convincing the audience of his aweing talent in every episode. White puts his chemistry background to dicey use by dealing in premium blue meth with the help of his partner who’s also a former chemistry student named Jessie Pinkman, portrayed by Aaron Paul. The show features striking aspects related to moralistic values, principles, and family matters manifested through a great storyline and splendid star cast performances, which make it worth a watch.

Alias Grace

A popular novel based on a real-life story by Margaret Atwood has been adapted into a TV show for fans and TV buffs. Sarah Gordon enacts the daedal role of Grace Marks that is serving prison time for the Murder of her employer. Dr. Simon Jordan played by Edward Holcroft is a media reporter who takes on the initiative to interview Grace with a bit of help from her supporters in order to find out the truth behind the mystery murder. The show takes fascinating elements from the original novel to portray Grace’s life in Canada where she was a servant, working for the wealthy man she will allegedly slay for a great viewing experience. The TV show does a splendid job in highlighting the social hierarchies and the dominating role of men in the society with an impact on women as depicted through the events that mark Grace’s life.

Peaky Blinders

This historic saga has a World War I backdrop, featuring a British Crime family, the Shelby’s entangled in a web of criminal activities to move their way up through the social and business echelons. Cillian Murphy portrays the character of Tommy Shelby who’s recently returned from the war and is focused on enhancing his family’s control of Birmingham by allying with other crime families and influencers in the British government. A must-see crime drama that will have you pining for re-runs!


As engaging as Gad Elmaleh’s American Dreams, Mindhunter aims at exploring the intriguing nature of criminal psychology and the behavioral attributes of serial killers. Agent Holden Ford portrayed by Jonathan Groff travels across the country to research more by interacting with serial killers in prisons in order to grab an understanding of the specific factors that are drivers or motivators for the psychopathic patterns common to such criminals. Through extensive research, Agent Ford hopes to take down a dangerous serial killer on the loose that is a probable suspect in the senseless violence that has lately gripped the US.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a fantastic TV show set in the agrestic New Mexico desert that stars Bob Odenkirk for a splendid take on Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman’s story illustrating his origins and the time he spent before becoming a lawyer. The show is based six years before the Breaking Bad events and extracts crucial elements from the source material for a striking and highly convincing screenplay.

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