Happiness Is Finding Joy in the Little Things

When we think about the things that make us happy, we tend to think big — measuring happiness based on major life events like getting married, landing the perfect job or buying the perfect home. Focusing our happiness on relationship milestones, financial success or personal achievements may create joy temporarily, but it isn’t a great strategy for lasting, long-term contentment.

The true joy of life is not in milestones, but in everyday moments. If you find gratitude for the little things that are already present in your day, your relationship to happiness will begin to transform in the most beautiful ways. Gratitude can really have a profound effect on our health and happiness.


Focus on the small, yet meaningful, moments in your life by starting a gratitude journal. Dedicate five minutes every morning and evening to write about what you are most grateful for.

If you look for magic, you will find it everywhere.

Get in sync with your senses. For example, think about the little things like the aroma of your morning coffee, the warmth of the cup in your hands, hearing someone laugh or the shape of the clouds shifting in the sky. When you become more present with the things that are already around you, happiness shifts from a goal outside of yourself to something that has been with you all along.

Make gratitude a priority and part of your daily practice. The more often you write in your journal, the more you’ll start to notice little things that fill your heart with appreciation. If you look for magic, you will find it everywhere.


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What’s your list of little things that bring you joy? Take five minutes and start now.

What I’m Grateful For …

  1. The way the sunlight filters softly through my curtains each morning.
  2. The sound of the birds chirping in the trees.
  3. Spending quality cuddle time with my two dogs, Faith and Nalu, before getting out of bed.
  4. Savoring my morning smoothie.
  5. Connecting with students before and after each yoga class.
  6. Going upside down (Handstands give me an instant dose of happiness!).
  7. The sense of peace and clarity I feel after a meditation session.
  8. Watering the plants and flowers in my outdoor patio.
  9. Walking barefoot in my courtyard to get the mail.
  10. Sharing about my day with my boyfriend and hearing about his.


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