Facebook finally considers a snooze button

And it only took 13 years… Yesterday TechCrunch whipped out their sleuth hats and discovered that Facebook is testing a “Snooze” feature that will allow people to put their over-sharing friends in a friendly time-out as opposed to a full-blown unfollow assault.

To access snooze, just click on the three horizontal dots to the right of the name of whatever friend, page, group, or ignorant grandma (who said that?) you need a break from, and, voila — your Facebook offenders go night-night for up to 30 days if necessary.

Do you have the golden ticket?

Not everyone is able to see the feature yet, which means this may or may not be here to stay. Facebook has been vocal in the past about offering alternatives to blocking or unfriending (remember the “See Less” option? Yeah, neither did we), so if all goes well, this could be the key.

FB’s hoping that Snooze will let businesses worry less about annoying their followers, while letting users feel more in control of their pages.

Do you hear that, Grandma?!?

But, in defense of grandmas, there are plenty of other reasons this will come in handy — looking at you, parents of newborns…

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