Podcast #330: The Life Skills Every Man Needs to Know

What skills and knowledge sets does a man need to have in order to be effective and self-reliant? My guest has spent the past few years thinking about this topic and putting down his ideas in a series of books he calls Modules for Manhood. His name is Kenneth W. Royce. I had Kenneth on the show a few years ago to talk about the first volume in the series. Today on the show, we take a look at Modules for Manhood: Volume 2.

We begin by discussing what it means “to cope with the world” and why many young men today aren’t equipped to do so. Kenneth then shares some strategies on how you can find the time and money to learn new skills. Next we dig into some of the specific skills he highlights in his book, including how to teach, managing your time, and how to become a leader by learning to be a good follower. We end our conversation talking about problem solving and why every man should get his pilot’s license. 

This episode is a hodgepodge of insights on becoming a well-rounded man, from a man who has spent his life trying to become well-rounded himself.

Show Highlights

  • Why there are certain skills every young (and old!) man should learn and know
  • How to find the time and money to learn new skills, especially as an adult
  • The importance of teaching and passing on the skills and information you gather throughout your lifetime
  • Why every man needs to learn effective time management
  • The difference between busyness and effectiveness
  • How to know when you’ve learned and planned enough, and when to take action
  • How to learn the skill of problem solving
  • Getting out of a rut, and Ken’s tips for the depressed man
  • What a 17th century Spanish priest can teach us moderns about leadership
  • Why leaders need to be good followers
  • Why every man should get their pilot’s license

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

The Modules for Manhood books are fun reads. You can literally turn to any page in and find something interesting and/or useful. The first two are available now, and Volume 3 is in the works.

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