Finally Able To Glimpse Her Perspective

I never really understood what the deal was when people were celebrating Mother’s day.

My thoughts before? (Don’t kill me, please.) They just popped a kid so what’s the big deal?

I had a different relationship with my mom. Not that we disagreed but it was just a different set-up. (I love you, Mama! ❤️)

But this all changed when the wife and I were expecting our first daughter. The experience made me realize how tough it is to be a mom—and we’re just talking about the conceiving part.

Now, many of you know that we lost our first daughter. That’s where I saw how tough my wife was as a mom. It’s as if some genes suddenly woke up and my wife was transformed into a superhuman being aka Mom.

Close to 3 years after that tragic part of our lives, we now have a 1-year-old daughter. Again, that superhuman leveled up. Imagine having to raise a child, attend to a husband who’s got all these crazy ventures, keeping the house and still manage to look uber beautiful? Although I have to admit that patience does run dry at times and I don’t see any fault in it.

I try my best to do my share to watch over the baby and I’ve got to tell you, IT’S TOUGH!! That’s me just watching over her for an hour or so!

Thank you, dear wife/superhuman/mom. Now I understand.

To my mama, thank you too for all the sacrifices. I’m sorry for not seeing them before.

Thank you too to my mom-in-law for being a rockstar mom! You’ll always be my favorite mom in law. (I know there’s only one but I just love to tell her that she’s my favorite.)

To clarify, you don’t have to have kids to be called “mom”. You can be a mom to your nephews and nieces or to any kid who needs that extra TLC.

Sorry to all the moms that I haven’t shown my appreciation before. I now know.

A version of this post was originally published on the author’s Facebook timeline and is republished here with his permission.

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