Handmade French Dinnerware That’s as Durable as It Is Beautiful

The restaurants Septime and yam’Tcha in Paris. The Jane in Antwerp. Ikarus in Salzburg. Texture in London. What do all these restaurants have in common? They all have highly coveted Michelin stars, for one thing. And they also all serve their award-winning dinners on plates made by Jars, the company that has been producing handmade ceramic dinnerware from a small factory in southern France since 1857. If these stellar restaurants all endorse Jars dinnerware as the best, we had to see these plates and bowls for ourselves. Turns out—surprise!—these fancy-pants chefs are onto something.

Handmade French Garden Dinnerware
Handmade French Garden Dinnerware

Jars dinnerware is as refined, unique, and magical as the restaurants that use it. With inventive textured glazes, delicately rough edges, and airy, mysterious colors, each handmade piece feels decidedly distinctive. But these pieces aren’t just incredibly beautiful, and they aren’t only available in the fine dining world. They’re meant to be used daily in the home—which is why these dishes are specifically designed to be dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and why we now carry a line of Jars dinnerware in our Shop.


(via Food52)

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