We Picked Our 2018 Charity Thanks to Your Help!

Here at Food52, we’re proud to partner with one charity every year. Focusing on a single charity allows us to really shine a light on the great work one organization is doing as we come together as a community to support them.

Last month, we asked you to help us select the charity that we’d focus on this year from a list of four options—all of which have 4-star ratings on Charity Navigator (an independent charity watchdog organization) and relate in some way to the work we do here at Food52.

Photo by James Ransom

Hundreds of you weighed in, and today we’re excited to announce that Action Against Hunger won your vote!

Action Against Hunger is a global, non-profit humanitarian organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger, saving the lives of malnourished children, and working to ensure everyone can access clean water, food, training, and healthcare. We look forward to working to support them in their mission this year and we’ll follow up soon with more specifics on how everyone in the community can get involved in this fun partnership.

(via Food52)

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