Podcast #396: How to Be Less Anxious

Recent surveys have shown that rates of anxiety are up, especially among young people. What’s going on? And if you’re someone of any age who struggles with anxiety, what can you do about it? Those are just a few of the questions I ask my guest today. His name is Kevin Ashworth and he’s the clinical director at the NW Anxiety Institute. Today on the show Kevin and I discuss the difference between regular worrying and anxiety disorders, the ill effects of anxiety, and its causes. Kevin then explains some of the different ways anxiety manifests itself in men and women and some of the theories out there as to why it’s has been on the uptick. We end our conversation with research-backed ways to get handle on your anxious feelings.

Show Highlights

  • What started Kevin’s interest in the area of anxiety?
  • How can anxiety be debilitating? 
  • What’s the first sign of anxiety?
  • The relationship between anxiety and self-medication
  • Are some people more prone to anxiety disorders?
  • Environmental components of anxiety 
  • Why anxiety disorders are on the rise among young people 
  • How are anxiety and depression related?
  • How anxiety manifests itself in men
  • The irrational fears that drive anxiety 
  • Coping with anxiety 
  • What is exposure therapy?
  • Focusing on what you can control
  • How to handle anxiety in your kids 

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