Which TV Family's Kitchen Would You Want?

If there’s a TV show you absolutely love, chances are you could describe the set from memory. Can’t you totally picture the purple door in Friends or the metal kitchen island they always sit around in New Girl? Some onscreen houses are just that iconic.

So iconic, in fact, that we may very well take some design inspiration from them. HomeAdvisor recently created intricate 3D renderings of some of our favorite TV kitchens, from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to The Handmaid’s Tale, and these fictional rooms are chock-full of awesome ideas for your own humble abode.

15 Design Ideas We're Stealing from Celebrity Kitchens
15 Design Ideas We’re Stealing from Celebrity Kitchens
by Camryn Rabideau

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Photo by HomeAdvisor

Now this is the story all about how we want to copy-paste the Fresh Prince kitchen into our own homes. Obviously the Banks family lived in a pretty lavish house, so it’s no surprise that their kitchen is more or less what dreams are made of.

We’re loving the double ovens—a dream for most amateur bakers—with a designated prep area next to it. Plus, the open cabinets both above and below the sink are both beautiful and functional.

2. The Big Bang Theory

Photo by HomeAdvisor

Sheldon Cooper’s kitchen might not be as big as some other ones in onscreen homes, but we think it makes up for the limited space with awesome functionality. For instance, how about that island with not one, but two full shelves underneath? That would be perfect for storing pots, pans, or even pantry items.

3. Friends

Photo by HomeAdvisor

Is there any interior more iconic than that purple door? Yes, we mentioned it already, but it’s true! Beyond the front door of Rachel and Monica’s apartment, the Friends kitchen does an amazing job fitting a lot into a little space.

Sure, the cabinets don’t match and the microwave lives on a coffee table, but the bookcase-counter combo and open shelving are ideal for a smaller apartment. We also love that they use the top of the fridge for added storage—you’ve got to make the most of every inch when you’re living in N.Y.C.

4. Malcolm in the Middle

Photo by HomeAdvisor

If you have a big, crazy family, you need this kind of kitchen to accommodate all the shenanigans. The Wilkerson’s kitchen from Malcolm in the Middle has several great ideas for busy households.

For instance, a double sink is definitely helpful if your family tends to pile dirty dishes in there, as you’ll still have one side free. We’re also digging the opening between the counter and the cabinets—it’s a great concept if you want to keep an eye on the kids as they do their homework.

5. Mad Men

Photo by HomeAdvisor

Into a more retro style? Then you’ll love the kitchen from Mad Men, which has a distinctly ’60s vibe. The thin under-cabinet drawers are a great option if you have a lot of utensils to store, and it’s pretty cool that the cooktop is on the island.

6. New Girl

Photo by HomeAdvisor

We’ve already mentioned that we have a crush on the metal island from New Girl, but in all seriousness, Jess’s loft has lots of accessible ideas for apartment dwellers.

For instance, open shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling will maximize storage space. Plus, a double-door refrigerator is a must-have if you’ve living with multiple roommates!

7. The Handmaid’s Tale

Photo by HomeAdvisor

We can only describe the kitchen aesthetic from The Handmaid’s Tale as “moody.” However, with a few homey touches, you could transform this type of bare, dystopian kitchen into a chic minimalistic living space.

The oversized windows and hardwood floors in this room are beautiful, and the blue-grey cabinets are undoubtedly trendy. With some colorful wall decor and maybe some copper accents, this could be an Instagram-worthy interior!

8. Stranger Things

Photo by HomeAdvisor

The Byers family may not have the most polished kitchen ever, but we’ll give them a pass given the fact that they’re usually busy fighting demogorgons and saving the world.

Some of the little touches in this interior are undeniably quaint—check out the retro table with rounded corners and the cool circular corner cabinet. Don’t be ashamed if you’re all about the vintage vibes, either. People are into much stranger things.

Which television kitchen layout would you most likely recreate at home? Let us know in the comments!

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