Trump’s State of the Union Bump Flattens Out Fast

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Between immigration rhetoric and an announcement about reinvesting resources into the controversial prison at Guantanamo Bay, he threw in some bipartisan outreach for an infrastructure plan and managed not to deviate from the teleprompter for more than an hour. The reward: a 54 percent positive score for his “@RealDonaldTrump” handle the next day. But by last Thursday, as Trump was bragging on Twitter that his address was the most-watched State of the Union in history (patently untrue), he had fallen all the way down to 40 percent positive. By Friday, when a Republican-backed memo alleging FBI surveillance violations was released to the public with Trump’s approval, he had dipped even further, to 37 percent. Now the Prez is hovering in the mid- to high-30s over the past couple of days, which is actually a tad lower than his 14-day average of 41 percent positive. –Alex Shultz

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