Ben Affleck Has a New Sport Bike

We can always count on Ben Affleck to bring something to the table with his rides, as he has quite a variety between his Hellcat, his Lexus and his old school Deville. Now it seems as if Ben wanted to take a break from cars and take a chance with a sport bike. I vaguely remember seeing him on a bike in the past, but if I remember correctly is was more of a cafe racer. Either way, he’s recently been spotted on a new BMW 1000RR and that’s one hell of a bike. As someone who’s had a 1000 in Los Angeles, and also gotten in to an accident on said bike, I just want to say that I wish Ben luck! Driving any bike in Los Angeles is extremely dangerous, but especially one with that kind of power.

Ben Affleck Sport bike

Ben Affleck bike 2

Source: Zimbio

(via Celebrity Cars Blog)

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