Is Three Dimensional Latte Art the Future of Coffee?

By now, none of us should be stranger to the foamy phenomenon that is latte art. Since its inception, the limits of the cappuccino as canvas have been consistently pushed. And today, I’m here to present you with the newest frontier in latte art: dimension.

Behold, 3-D latte art. Because if your cup didn’t runneth over before, it most certainly will now.

What began with a tweet from @AestheticsJapan featuring some spectacularly three dimensional latte art from Reissue Cafe in Tokyo, launched a Twitter harvest of some of the best latte art on the web.

In addition to the cute cats and dogs available at Reissue, there also exists the alien from Toy Story in all their frothed milk glory and a tiny foam rabbit who sits delicately on your cup’s saucer. Though these may not be available at your local round-the-corner coffee shop, the pictures will just have to do for now.

3-D latte art: yay or nay? Tell us in the comments!

(via Food52)

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