Decent Numbers for Trump’s Tough Afghanistan Speech

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On Monday, Trump addressed the nation on Afghanistan, where American and coalition forces have been fighting a 16-year war against al-Qaeda and the Taliban. He said that although his initial instinct was to withdraw, he has become convinced that pulling troops out would leave a dangerous void. He walked a thin line on Monday, touting a change in American strategy, while carefully avoiding hard deadlines. One thing is for certain, though: “We are not nation-building again,” Trump said. “We are killing terrorists.” Trump’s tough talk also extended to Pakistan, a U.S. ally that Trump said has spent too long accepting billions of dollars while providing terrorists a sanctuary. Pakistan certainly didn’t appreciate the message, with Pakistani opposition leader Asad Umar of the Tehreek-i-Insaf party saying that any sanctions would fail and that the U.S. is affecting the world “negatively,” according to Fox News. Sentiments about the speech were split 50/50, but Social liked that Trump stuck to his script, and the positives might have been higher were it not for the fact that weariness with the war in Afghanistan drags opinions down. –Hugo Guzman

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