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MONDAY NIGHT AT THE GOOD MEN PROJECT! You have your choice of two great calls by two awesome sets of leaders! At 7:30 EST we have #StopSexism, and at 9 PM PST we have Sex, Love, Etc. There is something kind of karmic about having both of those calls on the same night, don’t ya think? At any rate—here are some great memes to share with your friends (and don’t forget to share the RSVP links also). #StopSexism is with Gretchen Kelly and Jeremy McKeen and Sex, Love, Etc. is with Nina Rubin and Jackie Summers. All part of our amazing initiative, Social Interest Groups, spearheaded by Michael Kasdan our Director of Special Projects. These groups are truly re-defining media. We are a participatory media company. (More, much more, on how we are re-defining media to come!)

Click here to RSVP for #StopSexism.

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Social Interest Groups

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You already know we are The conversation no one else is having. Well, that conversation has been getting better and deeper and even more connected to actual social change. We have been rolling out “Social Interest Groups”—groups of people who are coming together to discuss specific areas of interest. Each group has a weekly phone call and then stay in touch during the week Premium Member Facebook community and our Facebook Groups. Each group will create content, interface with other groups working in the area, and forge a path to actual social change.

Each Social Interest Group has: (1) A clearly defined problem that we actually think we can help solve; (2) A clear group of people we want to change; and (3) A way of measuring results.

The groups hold weekly phone conference call for one hour every week, so you can talk to other members of the community and share ideas. Then, in between calls, an email thread will connect the community and allow further ways of communicating with the other members throughout the week.

You need to be a Premium Member (Gold or Platinum) to partake in these groups. For a low annual fee you can be a part of a community that is changing the way media operates—-and is leading the conversation about men in the 21st century. Not a member yet? Sign up by clicking below!

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