How to visit Scopello, Italy

SCOPELLO is a small town on the coast of Sicily. Like much of the rest of the Sicilian coast, it used to be a tuna fishery. Some of the fishing equipment, as well as the old cannery building, still remain. Today, tourists come from all over to see the historical architecture, the coastal cliffs, and to swim in the crystal clear waters.

How to get there

Palermo is the closest major city to Scopello. It is a bit over an hour’s drive away. To get to Palermo you can either take a ferry from the mainland or fly in from many popular European destinations. Once in Palermo, there is public transportation available. You can also rent a car and road trip around the entire coastline! Scopello itself is very small. Most people in the town get around by walking.

Things to do

  • Relax on the beach: Scopello is known for its calm, clear waters.
  • Diving: there are many different dive sites including shipwrecks, caves, and even an underwater museum of archeological relics.
  • Visit the old tuna fishery building, “La Tonnara di Scopello”.
  • Visit Riserva naturale dello Zingaro, a natural reserve about 2km outside of Scopello, where you can explore more beautiful beaches, trails, caves, and lookouts.
  • Accommodation cost

    There is a wide range of accommodation options in Scopello for any budget. You will be able to find anything from hostel dorm rooms for $30 per night, to luxurious resorts for $100 or more per night, and everything in between. (via Matador Network)

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