The Corn & Ranch Pizza My Cousins in Korea Can't Get Enough Of

Korean-ish pizza, as it were.
Korean-ish pizza, as it were.
Photo by Ty Mecham

When I landed in Seoul after a 14-hour flight, I was ravenous and maladjusted to sunlight (nothing new). My cousin Eunbi picked me up from Incheon International Airport and took me to lunch; she wanted to show me her “taste of Korea.” So I found it ironic that she chose to take me to a local pizza joint.

Koreans have a very strange but wonderful relationship to pizza. In the last five to ten years alone, what with the influx of Americans, Canadians, and international students moving to Seoul, Korea has seen too an influx of what we here in the States—or at least some of us—would call Pizza with a capital P.


(via Food52)

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