The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Gifts Under $50

Welcome to AoM’s 12 Days of Christmas! We’ve partnered with Huckberry to bring you 12 straight days of awesome gift guides and giveaways. Each day will feature a different Huckberry shop with 10 gift ideas, as well as a giveaway. The giveaways will run until midnight each day, and the winner will get to choose an item of their choice from that day’s featured shop. 

If you’re trying to do your Christmas shopping without blowing out your budget, you’re likely looking for gifts that come in under $50. Keeping under that number, while still getting an interesting, quality item, can be a hard task, though. Below you’ll find 10 ideas from Huckberry’s Gifts Under $50 Shop that will make it easy.

The 12 Days of Christmas: Gifts Under $50

1. Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit. Includes the spice blends and tools needed to craft two uniquely flavorful hot sauces right at home.

2. Bartender’s Knife. One of the keys to crafting a good cocktail is having the right tools on hand. This multi-purpose blade is designed to slice, peel, and pick cocktail ingredients with ease.

3. Whiskey Peaks — Half Dome Set. A handsome set of two hand-blown whiskey glasses made from premium lead-free crystal. Featuring a raised topographic impression of one of America’s most iconic mountains: Yosemite’s Half Dome.

4. GrowlerWerks uPint. An insulated pint glass designed to keep your beer (or other beverage) cool and refreshing. Made from food-grade stainless steel and side divots for easy grippin’. Also keeps beverages hot.

5. Swedish Fire Torch Set. Each log in this set has been kiln-dried and prepared to burn from the inside out for up to 90 minutes of fire. This makes it an exceptionally easy-to-use heat and light source, without the mess of a traditional campfire set-up.

6. Hori Hori Gardening ToolDigging, trenching, planting, cutting, opening bottles. The Hori Hori was designed to be the ultimate multitool for the garden and this unique take on it should feel right at home in any backyard setting.

7. Give’r Classic Gloves. The original Give’r gloves, these bad boys are built for hundreds of uses, and are resilient, rugged, and ready for action. Insulated and naturally waterproofed, your loved ones will be sure to use these gloves on the regular.

8. Pappy van Winkle Barrel-Aged SyrupThe folks over at Pappy van Winkle’s (maker of superb bourbon) tapped Bissell Maple Farm in Ohio for some of their pure, American-made maple syrup to age in retired Pappy bourbon barrels. The result is a one-of-a-kind syrup bursting with flavors of vanilla, butter, oak, and, of course, bourbon.

9. Minnetonka SlippersSince the 1940s, Minnetonka has supplied people far and wide with handcrafted moccasins. This hardsole variety is for the slipper devotee who wants their feet to be comfy, and to know that they can take Rover for a quick walk without having to step out of them.

10. Scrimshaw Knife KitScrimshaw was an American art form originating from the whaling industry in the late 1700s. You can experience it too as you scrimshaw the images of a hunt, big catch, or simply the family name on your very own bone-handled pocket knife. This kit includes all you’ll need to complete the project and is a perfect starter introduction into scrimshaw.


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Any item available in Huckberry’s Gifts Under $50 Shop.

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12 Days of Christmas ’17 – Gifts Under $50

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