New App Feature! Meal Collections for Healthy Inspiration

Imagine the luxury of easily discovering delicious and inspiring meal ideas that will also help you achieve your daily goals — all in one place in the MyFitnessPal app. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the new Meal Collections feature. Now, healthy meals and easy meal ideas that help you track toward your goals are at your fingertips.

Our new Meal Collections feature aggregates healthy meals from our blog and our users into one easy-to-find place. This feature makes discovering meals with the right balance of calories and macronutrients effortless. For ultimate efficiency, meals from collections can be saved directly into the MyFitnessPal app to make planning and logging more seamless than ever.

At MyFitnessPal, we are dedicated to making food logging easy and helping you gain insight into the foods and meals you eat. With the release of our Meal Collections, we’re excited to bring you healthy meal ideas to help you stay on track as you’re deciding what you’re going to eat.  

Here are the highlights of the Meal Collections feature:


In “MyFitnessPal Picks Meal Collections,” you’ll find meals from our blog that are easy to prep, quick to cook, require only a small number of simple ingredients and have a healthy balance of calories and macronutrients.  

Some examples of our picks include High-Fiber Oatmeal Ideas, Simple 5-Ingredient Lunches, Chicken Dinners Under 400 Calories and more!


The “Community Picks Meal Collections” highlight meals created and shared by users like you. Scroll this collection to find inspiration for healthy and delicious meals other users are eating.  


You can save the meals you’re interested in making.

Meal planning is one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success and saving meals is a helpful first step in the process. When you’re creating your grocery list for the week ahead, visit your saved meals to discover new things to eat and make sure to pick up any ingredients you might not have at the store.



Here are the three places in the app where you’ll find Meal Collections:

  1. More menu  
  2. Meals tab (when you’re searching for a food)
  3. Complete Diary button (when you’re done logging for the day)

You can also click here to try out the feature.

Meal Collections are rolling out slowly, so if you don’t see the collections in the app, you will soon. This feature is currently only available on iOS and Android and has not yet been released on the website. Until next time, happy logging!

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