13th Annual Barber Vintage Festival and Helmet Winner


Not all events are created equal. There are good times to be had all over the map for sure. Events like Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week can be a blast, but George Barber and his crew are a cut above. They put together a truly class act and pull it off with style and ease. As usual the facility was spotless, well manicured, and accented with fun and interesting art.

This event continues to grow, and draws an incredible crowd, not only in terms of size but like-mindedness. The throngs of people drawn here are inexplicably nice and laid back, all members of the same vintage fraternity. If you’ve lost any along the way, the Barber Vintage Festival can restore a little faith in humanity; vendors helping vendors, competing racers fixing bikes, and bands playing only for the love of sharing music. You can’t help but take some of that feeling with you and channel a little sweet home Alabama along the way. Unfortunately we had to cut short our vintage two-wheeled catharsis as our buddy tropical storm Nathan was steadily closing in on the weather maps.

Friday morning was sunny with a cool stillness to the air that gave way to warmth and crystalline skies. It was a beautiful Alabama Indian summer day that many took full advantage of. The crowds were strong and the qualifying fast. The park was teaming with enthusiasts and every walk of motorcycle life was vibrantly represented, from a full custom with a Lamborghini V12, to children learning proper etiquette on mini café racers. Dime City was in the thick of it, sharing our particular brand of moto-culture in the heart of the fan zone. We collaborated with Moe Colors to produce a gorgeous custom helmet to give away, and with the brilliant metal flake in full dazzle under the Alabama sun, the crowd was eager to enter for their chance to win. There can be only one, and we want to congratulate Mr. Bill Carlisle who is the lucky winner of this lovely lid.

Saturday came early, as much of our race team was participating in the first heats, including our fearless leader on the new D33 CB350 production class racer. Weather was unfortunately on everyone’s mind. Tropical storm Nathan had been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane and threatening to reach 2. Furthermore, it seemed to be on a path headed straight to Birmingham. We heard jeers that we brought the heat and hurricane with us from Florida, but this was not to be taken lightly. The Barber team consulted with a meteorologist, and by early afternoon the announcement was made that the AHRMA races and all park festivities would be cancelled for Sunday. With this knowledge the people simply adjusted plans and enjoyed the rest of the day’s activities. They would not let Nate deter them from the fun that could still be had. What’s not to love about drinking fresh squeezed lemonade, watching snowmobiles and dirt bikes back flip in the foreground of heated vintage racing? Yes please.

With the day’s events and races wrapped up, we gathered near the pits for the Podium ceremonies where we gleefully cheered on the days champions, and absorbed as much of the familial and optimistic atmosphere as possible. This canteen of positivity would be key in getting our crew home, hauling the rig through treacherous conditions on the way back to the sunshine state.

The event although cut short, was as visceral and engaging as ever. Mr. Barber never fails to impress. It was great to see those of you who made it. We are always humbled by the amount of recognition and enthusiasm we see for Dime City Cycles; people representing us with their favorite shirt or hat, and emphatically touting the DCC parts on their build. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys, and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve the people every day. If you couldn’t make it this year, start planning for next. I can definitively say it will be worth your while. Be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming race results, overall points standings, and announcements of this year’s AHRMA class Champions. I don’t want to jump the shark, but have a feeling we’ll have some celebrating to do. Until then my friends, ride fast and live well.


(via Dime City Cycles)

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