A Brownie à la Mode You Can Make, Bake & Eat Right in the Pan

Gooey, chocolatey perfection.
Gooey, chocolatey perfection.
Photo by James Ransom

It probably happens as often to me as it does to you: serious chocolate craving. I’m not talking about the kind that’s satisfied by a measly square of chocolate or a handful of chocolate chips. I’m talking about the kind of desperate hankering that longs for a rich, gooey, fudgy, warm chocolate brownie. The problem is, when a craving like this hits, baking seems like too much work. I just want a low-effort, freshly baked confection that won’t leave me with a sink full of dishes. Is that too much to ask?

This skillet brownie is the the answer. Not only is it incredibly rich and perfectly gooey; it’s simple, as well. Dangerously simple.


(via Food52)

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