Make Your Own Crackers, Win "Best Cheese Plate" Award

Every good cheese board needs good crackers.
Every good cheese board needs good crackers.
Photo by Ty Mecham

In ancient (definitely not ancient) times, one might have said to someone they suspected of losing their mind that they had gone crackers. Crackers! You might have clicked on this article just to see what the fuss was about, to see what kind of truly unreasonable person out there was spending their time making crackers when there are probably hundreds of perfectly delicious varieties of crackers available for a perfectly reasonable price at any store—the grocery store, the convenience store, the big-box store, even the drugstore. Perhaps you think I have gone crackers myself. I guess you could say that I have: I love making crackers from scratch.

We make pie without thinking twice about it, don’t we? Crackers are easier and more appropriate (or maybe just more likely) for everyday noshing. Yes, like pie, there will be a rolling pin involved. But you’ll get a lot more mileage out of a batch of crackers, you’ll get to flavor them according to your whims, and they’ll take an hour, tops, start to finish.


(via Food52)

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