The US Uses Loopholes To Protect Pedophiles In The Military

By J.S. von Dacre

Investigative Journalist of the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping

An Associated Press investigation discovered that child sex offenders account for the biggest category of prisoners in American military prisons. Despite this alarming figure, most of the crimes of pedophiles in the military are shrouded in mystery and remains protected by an obscure legal jurisdiction.

When news of the heinous death of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl ricocheted around the world, everyone gasped in chilling disbelief. In 2006, Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi was targeted by American soldiers, who turned up at her parents’ home with the sole intention of raping and murdering her. Her mother, father, and six-year-old sister were also killed in the process. After, they set her lifeless body and her home on fire. Yet, her blood that smeared the walls refused to burn–like a pungent reminder from her grave of the crime that was committed against her.

And even though four US soldiers were tried and convicted in this case, what of the other pedophiles in the military who still go undetected under the radar to the rest of the world? It also further poses the question about whether they would have received this same conviction, had it not been for the media and public uproar which ensued upon learning of Abeer’s demise? And how many more crimes like this, against children, are being committed in war-torn and remote places where there is no avenue for their voices to ever be heard?

There are different–almost secretive rules, which govern the military justice system. Whilst anyone can request information about any case file and receive it freely, military trials are often concealed from the roving eyes of the general public, due to the Freedom of Information Act.

Speaking to Business Insider, Eugene Fidell, a former Coast Guard judge advocate who teaches military justice at Yale Law School said,

“I can sit at my computer in New Haven and find out what was filed five minutes ago in a case in federal district court in Seattle.

“But to get copies of motions filed last week in a general court-martial at Fort Lewis would take months if not years, while the Freedom of Information Act wheels ground along.”

Anyone who is convicted of rape or child molestation, by law, must have their name placed on the sex offender registry before their release. However, with rapists and pedophiles in the military, a special loophole allows for them to not be placed on the registrar. Unlike federal law, which automatically places offenders on the list, the military simply requires self-registration, and upon release, many simply do not register.

KSHB reported:

“The Department of Defense Inspector General concluded that the military’s current system “enables offenders to evade registration,” and recommended changing the system so that offenders are registered before release. According to an IG review of cases during one-quarter last year, 20 percent of the 197 offenders studied failed to self-register.

“Asked why they don’t adopt the civilian model requiring registration before release, defense officials said that’s for their lawyers to review. They insisted that such a rule “would have no practical effect,” still leaving it up to a sex offender to sign up or dodge registries any time he moved to a new state.

“…In response to repeated requests for on-the-record interviews, a senior defense official who declined to be identified also said that changing the system and requiring offenders to register before release could cost the military millions, and would be a hardship in an era of shrinking budgets.

“This is not one of our primary missions in life,” he said in a telephone interview.”

Yet as war continues to rage around the globe, it is one tragic fact which remains consistent. And it is this: Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi’s story was not the first of its kind, and unfortunately, it will not be the last of its kind.

To learn more about the crime of parental child kidnapping and the help available to “left behind” parents, please contact the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping.


Summary: pedophiles in the military 

The victims of child & Human rights violation, if not getting timely and suitable justice in the court of law in their countries, can appeal to the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT AGAINST CHILD KIDNAPPING.

This post was originally published by INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT AGAINST CHILD KIDNAPPING and is republished here with permission from the author.

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