You Are Far More Powerful Than You Realize

Regardless of who hurt you or tried to hijack your joy, even if it’s you and your broken patterns, the FREEDOM is found in coming to the realization that only YOU have the POWER to define your worth…

And even in that, you don’t.

Your worth is shown in the unfathomable complexity and simplicity of your existence.

The EGO (nothing more than our collected experiences, thoughts, and feelings) will consistently remind you of your perceived insecurities.

“I hate myself,” we reply…

But the answer is in the statement… WHO are we talking to when we talk to our “self”?

We are the observer, listening to the EGO, and it is up to us to take cues from the EGO or to transcend the voice in our head to realize that our truest Self is a consciousness above our own thoughts and feelings.

You are here ON purpose, FOR purpose, and IN Purpose.

Your dreams matter, as they are the manifestation of your souls calling.

Broken patterns, broken relationships, broken business endeavors, broken body…

do NOT make you broken.

You can be wounded, but not broken.

Your soul is unbreakable, as it exists on a plane that transcends our thoughts and feelings and biases.

Your pain, then, becomes the greatest gift you can be given: it confronts the assumptions and fears of your EGO and allows you to experience life free from the bias of perceived entitlement or victimization.

It’s time to see your worth at the highest value of your perception.

It’s from this place of overwhelming gratitude that you begin to step into the mindset that truly anything is possible for you,

because you realize that life is a gift you’ve been offered.

You realize time and perception are your greatest commodities, so you invest them with care, intention, and precision.

Your perception changes.
Your habits change.
Your relationships change.
Your posture changes.
Your position changes.

But this STARTS with you taking the POWER back that you misplaced.

And that power is NOW, the PRESENT, which is all that exists.

You are far more powerful than you realize.

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