The Employment Equality Act in Canada and the Sexes

In the relative shallow history of the Canadian environment, social and employment-wise, the equality of the sexes has been an issue only reaching some level of parity and provision for particular domains of respect for women’s strengths and interests alongside men’s.

As the country is young, the history is short, but the importance of the equality of the sexes holds no less important within this important context because the nature of the equality of the sexes comes in the form of numerous movements by and for women, and some men for women, with the eventual instantiation in print, or electronic copy, of equal rights to be reached and enshrined, in order to actualize the equality in rights of women with men.

It seems important to frame the equality as something within the nature of men already holding much of the rights and prestige with the movement towards men’s status of women; wherein, the moving forward of women towards further equality with men becomes an issue in the workplace.

Canadian society and legal systems deal with this issue on a number of fronts with the Canadian Human Rights Act, Canadian Human Rights Commission, and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal covered in recent prior articles.

Another unassociated but directly related by theme document in Canada legal traditions is from 1995 with the Equal Employment Act. The purpose of the act is to achieve equality within the workplace, which amounts to a continuation, in law, of the Second Wave Feminism movement from the 60s and 70s with further instantiation in the legal traditions and subsequent implementation in the workplace.

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