‘Something Old, Something New’ for Grooms and Married Men

In my mind, I’m often still the young groom with the most amazing bride, wearing a wedding ring for the first time.

Those first few years are emblazoned on my long-term memories, like the engraving on the money clip or flask I got for my bachelor party, which was awful (except for those two gifts and, of course, the remember-whens shared with my closest friends).

But the reality is that I’m almost forty. I’ve been wearing this mens wedding band for almost twenty years–eyeing the imprint when I move it up and down, taking it off to see how much weight I ideally need to lose to look more like my 22-year-old self–and while it seems strange that we all wear wedding rings, it just makes sense. We get one ring and wear it until death do us part (or, forbid, until the next “death do us part” contract).

Tungsten Rings in a multitude of styles and engraving

But men usually don’t upgrade or even consider another wedding ring–why is that? Men wear watches, necklaces, carry knives and flasks, and have whole sections of stores dedicated to cuff links, necktie bars and clips, and steel and metal pieces for whatever the occasion.

But one ring. Seriously–one ring? It doesn’t add up.

Rarely do I see men wearing more than one ring, but then again, I’m not working in an industry where jewelry is part of my outfit. However, I would have loved to know that this was an option years ago. A pinky ring, a ring to celebrate five, ten, or fifteen years of marriage (did you know there are wood and antler-infused rings out there?), or a ring just because–would have been great gifts for the umpteenth times the missus or relatives asked me what I wanted for my birthday or father’s day and I never had a great answer. Or a fingerprint or engraved ring for each kid’s birthdays–from me to her or “from” the kids to both of us.

Mother of Pearl, Walnut Wood, Antler Inlay

I am not a man of jewelry, but I can see the appeal of a different ring for this celebration or that anniversary. “Oh you wore the ring,” someone will say, and it will be our inside celebration. For our next date night, I’ll dress up and wear a necklace with our original wedding ring, and a new “wedding celebration” ring around my indented finger.

I have different ties, suits, belts, and shoes, so why not invest in wearing different rings? The simple white gold band on my finger has served me well for almost the entire 21st century until now–it might be time to add a few pieces–or at least mention them to the bride.

Titanium rings in various modern styles

Either way, most of us could use “something new” for the hand “closest” to our hearts–for now, a special occasion, or just because life is long and full of celebrations.


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