The One Ingredient Our Test Kitchen Chef Uses to Make Any Dinner Special

Dinner, luxed up.
Dinner, luxed up.
Photo by James Ransom

Our test kitchen chef, Josh, isn’t immune to a little treat-yourself cooking. I mean, who isn’t? We’ve all got those foods we can’t turn away whether it’s an gooey, under-baked chocolate chip cookie or a jar of flaky pink salt crystals or, say, caviar.

One such indulgence recently entered our shop and it happened to catch Josh’s eye. Potentially, it’s the most indulgent of all indulgences: truffles. But not any truffles—canned ones. The good thing here is that truffles in a can are half the price and can be enjoyed in any season. That, my friends, is a twofer.


(via Food52)

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