Podcast #418: How to Get Unstuck

Do you feel stuck in moving forward with your plans and goals in life? Well my guest today has some no-nonsense advice on how to shift out of neutral and get going again.

His name is Bernie Roth. He’s the co-founder of the Stanford design school and the author of The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your LifeToday on the show, Bernie explains to us what “design thinking” is and how its principles can be used to create a flourishing life for ourselves. We discuss how suspending the belief that everything has meaning can help you find new meaning, why reasons are just excuses, how to really get at the root of our problems, the difference between trying to do something and doing it, and how action is the best form of learning. We end our conversation discussing how you build true confidence by consistently taking small steps towards your goal and making the achievement habit a part of your life.

If you need help in getting unstuck in life, you’re really going to enjoy this podcast.

Show Highlights

  • What is design thinking?
  • What Bernie means by “achievement” 
  • The power in not imbuing everything with meaning
  • Why do humans tend toward thinking about the problems in our way rather than the opportunities? 
  • Why obstacles are actually very important on the path to success
  • Why excuses and reasons are BS 
  • How to reframe problems in order to solve them 
  • Differentiating between “trying” and “doing” 
  • The way our internal dialogue affects whether we’re trying or doing 

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Connect With Bernie 

Bernie on Twitter

Achievement Habit website

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