Flexible LED Integrated Tail Light & Turn Signal Indicators for Custom Motorcycles

Hey everybody this is Herm and welcome to the Dime City garage. Today I want to spend a couple moments talking about this cool new Dime City original L.E.D. tail light strip, it’s a flexible unit as you can see.

It’s a standard twelve-volt strip with five leads. You’ve got your ground, running light, brake light and then obviously your two integrated turn signals This is a thirty-two L.E.D. strip. it’s a 50/50 L.E.D. circuit panel, that’s one of your brightest types of circuit panels available on the market today. As I mentioned, it’s extremely flexible, which will allow you to mount it just about anywhere on your motorcycle. In fact, if you use one of our tail hoops or any tail hoop already existing frame on a bike you can see how well it will contour to the radius of that particular hoop.

For mounting on this hoop, you could use the already integrated industrial strength 3M double sided tape. It also ships with a couple of clips that will help you to mount this in various places on the motorcycle, something to this effect will help hold it in place.

As mentioned before this is your standard five lead wiring schematic and you’ll be able to use the standard bullet connectors which we sell at Dime City Cycles or you can pick them up at your local electronics store. There are different connectors out there for various wire harnesses or whatever you need that will work.

(via Dime City Cycles)

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