Why Do People Hate Garlic Presses So Much?

Apparently, it’s cool to hate garlic presses. The clunky, single-use tools are much derided across the internet. Epicurious likened them to “the devil”, Delish contends that they’re “a waste of money.” If the Instant Pot is like the Regina George of the current food appliance high school hierarchy, then the garlic press is like the loner goth Janis Ian—once admired, now bullied, largely considered a waste of space.

But how did this happen? Growing up, I knew people who swore by them, yet how did the tool I’d watched countless parents use to turn cloves of garlic into paste become the subject of so much ire? The hatescape claims they make garlic taste unnecessarily bitter and cause garlic to burn in a mere matter of seconds.


(via Food52)

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