22 Veggie-Loaded Pastas for Dinner (& Then Your Lunch Box)

We’re at that time of the year where we’re slowly stepping away from the unctuous, long-simmering stews, and rejiggering our repertoires to include more of the fresh, bright dishes heralding the warmer months. Seeing all of the season’s bounty starting to shoot forth also makes it much easier (and often, less expensive) to load up on happy, colorful produce. It’s all I want to do after throwing on an easy, breezy sundress, grabbing a floppy sun hat, and hitting the burgeoning market stands.

Take a cue from our wealth of veg-loving pastas below, and start lining up your weeknight menus. While you’re at it, make a double-batch so you have plenty left over for your lunch the next day—these easygoing pastas would taste just as good at room temp as they do warm.


(via Food52)

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