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Our Newest Podcast Episode Is Smokin' Hot

We’re well into our third season of the Burnt Toast podcast, our auditory exploration of all things culinary and fun. So far, host Michael Harlan Turkell has investigated the best foods for throwing (yes, throwing) and mapped out the marvelous world of maple. But he’s not ready to stop just yet. For this season’s seventh installment, he’s reaching for the pepper and, like Johnny Cash, heading right into the ring of fire. Yep, this episode’s all about spice. Check it out here!

I’ve never been one to go for the pepper flakes—the slightest hint of fire and I’m desperately in search of a glass of water, or better yet, milk. Yet, I recognize I’m an anomaly. Whole cuisines are centered around spice and celebrate its many iterations. For so many people, the numbing, tingling, burning sensation borders on addictive.


(via Food52)

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