How to Act Like a Royal Wedding Guest

Will you be tuning in this Saturday for the long-awaited nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Okay, so maybe I do have an alarm set so that I don’t miss the midday festivities across the pond. It’s not everyday you get to see the pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding, after all! It’s all in good fun and we are here for it.

We chatted with etiquette expert Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, about all of the fun and particular examples of royal rules we might see on display this weekend. Be sure to watch closely, and let us know if adherence to the following customs were observed.

Elbows on the Table? Answers to Your Dining Etiquette Questions
Elbows on the Table? Answers to Your Dining Etiquette Questions
by myka meier

On Dress & Fashion

It is important to keep a more conservative style to show respect when dressing for a royal wedding: Covered shoulders, longer hemlines, pantyhose (also called tights in the U.K.), and closed toed shoes are suggested for female attendees. The most important part: the hat! Make sure your hat isn’t too big that it blocks the view of those behind you. A British tradition with hats is post-Easter, one wears straw, and pre-Easter they wear fabric; however, we are likely to see many different shapes, sizes, and colors on the special day to show festive support.

  • “Do not to wear white to a wedding”: This is a basic principle of wedding etiquette that female guests will be practicing this weekend and transcends over the pond as well.

  • Most male attendees will be outfitted in “morning dress.” Morning dress means formal day attire, and consists of a morning coat, waistcoat, tie, and striped trousers. It signifies a daytime formal event.

On Tech Use

  • Guests will err on the side of caution when it comes to snapping photos. It is important to be present during this monumental occasion, so don’t let your camera stand between you and the ceremony.

  • Guests will be asked not to use their phones during the ceremony or during any of the receptions of the day. Guests will be welcome to take photos outside of the formal events.

On Having a +1

It is completely acceptable to attend the royal wedding sans plus one. (Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet “The One” in Windsor!)

On Dining

A sizable portion of the royal wedding is, of course, the dining experience. Between the ranging formality of meals and all the incredible culinary presentations, guests should be sure to bring an appetite.

Meals served at the royal wedding begin on the more casual end of the spectrum, starting with the wedding breakfast, which will be for all guests, and include dishes such as little sandwiches, bowls of mixed British and American cuisines (so people and walk and mingle), and conclude with a private, formal dinner for 200 people hosted by Prince Charles at Frogmore House.

What I’m Probably Going to Eat When I Probably Go to the Royal Wedding
What I’m Probably Going to Eat When I Probably Go to the Royal Wedding
by Valerio Farris

On Conduct Around the Queen

  • It’s easy to be starstruck, especially when you’re in the same room as the most high profile royal family in the world, but no matter how giddy guests may be, it is crucial to keep calm and carry on. More specifically, guests should never seek out the Queen or touch the queen, unless her majesty initiates the gesture.

  • Harry and Meghan will be expected to pay their respects to her Majesty the Queen at the conclusion of the ceremony. At this time, you will see Harry bow before the queen with his hands placed at his sides, as Meghan will curtsy.

Will you be watching the royal wedding this weekend? Tell us what you’re most excited to see below!

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