Podcast #404: The Wisdom of Wolves

Between 1991 and 1996, Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived with and filmed a pack of wolves in Idaho. From this intensive field work came the award-winning documentary, Wolves at Our DoorThe husband and wife team are out with a new book that highlights some of the things they learned on living a flourishing life from the wolf pack they were embedded within. It’s called The Wisdom of Wolves: Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack

Jim and Jamie share what wolves can teach us about family, respecting your elders, play, the importance of belonging to a group, leadership, and what it really means to be an alpha wolf. Tune in for a fascinating conversation on a fascinating creature that has much to teach us humans. 

Show Highlights

  • How Jim and Jamie ended up spending time studying wolves  
  • Why research on wolves needs to be conducted in captivity 
  • How earlier studies on wolves ended up being somewhat misleading
  • Why the term “alpha” is a misconception 
  • Other misconceptions about social hierarchies in wolf packs
  • Why being a “lone wolf” is a very temporary situation 
  • Are wolf pack leaders domineering and aggressive?
  • What’s the role of the “omega” wolf?
  • How wolf personalities manifest in packs
  • How the pups of a pack were reared 
  • The importance of play and why wolves play so much 
  • The culture of learning in wolf packs 
  • How wolves care for the elderly of their pack 
  • Why do wolves howl at the moon?
  • What happens when wolf packs encounter one another?
  • The relationship between wolves and ravens
  • What happened to the Sawtooth Pack after the Dutchers finished their study?
  • How wolves respond to the death of a pack member 

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