AHRMA at Roebling Road

The 2018 AHRMA Race Season officially roared into action this past weekend at Roebling Road Raceway in beautiful Savannah Georgia. The Dime City Crew has been wrenching, adjusting, torquing, and occasionally twerking in anticipation of opening race weekend!

The usual suspects were there, Scott Turner; 2017 National Sportsman 500 Champion, Jim Korn; 2017 National Heavyweight Production Champion, along with George Hernandez, Rian Mondriaan and the one to watch, Herm Narciso in his sophomore season.

What would a new race season be without a newbie to the DCC Crew?? Welcome to Dawn King laying down rubber in the Lightweight Production Class. While the crew was sweating out a warm day of practice on Friday, Dawn aced the riding school and got a taste of competition, performing exceptionally well in a mock race.

Saturday morning started in a fog (not the crew, the weather) delaying morning practice and races. The weather eventually gave way to a awesome day of competition, especially when you consider that out of a schedule of 13 races, the DCC Crew was represented in 8 of them!


Race 1: CB160 LeMans – Scott Turner secured a 4th place finish

Race 2: Sportsman 500 – with some tough competition, Scott proudly claimed 2nd

In the second wave of Race 2, the Novice Historic Production Heavyweight – Herm did little offroading while heading into turn 4 but managed to save it. After the little foray, he got the bike back on track and ended up with an impressive 2nd place finish. Rian coming in right behing to take 3rd.

Race 5: Novice Historic Production Lightweight – Dawn’s first race… and an opportunity to experience firsthand how vintage bikes can leak, causing havoc on the track. A bike in a different class unknowingly oiled the track and several racers either went down or off the track. Unfortunately for DCC this included Dawn and Rian! The race was called with one lap to go leaving Herm to grab a 3rd place finish, and Rian in a close 4th.

Race 7: Vintage Superbike Heavyweight- George unfortunately had some motor issues, but Rian came out swinging for the fences on his CB900 taking a well earned 4th.

Race 8: Sportsman 350 – while the challenges of Saturday left Scott with a 5th place, Sunday would be another chance for victory.

Race 10: Vintage Superbike Middleweight – George chased a podium spot, falling just short taking a respectable 4th.

Race 11: Formula 250 – a new season and a new class for Jim. After careful observation and learning the ropes, he placed 8th and 7th.

Race 12: 350 Grand Prix – another new adventure for Jim saw him finishing 10th and 11th.


Race 1: CB160 LeMans – Scott took another well fought 4th place finish

Race 2: Sportsman 500 – fighting his way through a tough grid, Scott proudly claimed 3rd

Second wave of Race 2 – Novice Historic Production Heavyweight – Herm impressively grabbed 2nd place with Rian on a mended bike chasing another 3rd

Race 5: Novice Historic Production Lightweight – After a night of wrenching and repairing the downed bikes from Saturdays oil drenched track, Dawn and Rian were able to get back out on Sunday! This race was thick with DCC talent and saw Herm owning 3rd with Rian chasing again to take 4th, and Dawn slotting into the 10th spot.

Race 7: Vintage Superbike Heavyweight- George was back on the track and finished 6th with Rian in hot pursuit finishing a close 7th.

Race 8: Sportsman 350 – After an uncharacteristic 5th place on Saturday, Sunday was Scotty’s day and he did not disappoint with hard earned 1st place!

Race 10: Vintage Superbike Middleweight – George was consistent in his mission, taking 4th both days.

Race 11: Formula 250 – a new season, a new class for Jim. Observing and figuring it all out he placed 8th and 7th, before heading back out for Race 12, the 350 Grand Prix.

The DCC Pit is an organized chaotic crew of racers, but they always have time for those that stop by to talk bikes, parts, life on two wheels. March 30th will find DCC at Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw SC. Be sure to stop by and check us out.
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