#393: The Importance of Building Your Social Capital

At some point all of us will likely experience a job loss or some other big life setback. While it can feel like your world is crashing down, there’s one asset you’ll hopefully have at your disposal which can help you weather the storm: your social circle. 

My guest today experienced the buoying power of relationships firsthand when he lost a job he held for over ten years. His name is Jordan Harbinger and we’ve had him on the podcast before. For 11 years he was the host of the Art of Charm Podcast, but recently found himself out of the host chair and without a job. But thanks to the social connections he’s built up over the past decade, Jordan was able to quickly get back on his feet and now has a new show.

Today on the podcast, Jordan shares what it’s like to lose a job he held for a decade and what specific tactics he used to manage the roller coaster of emotions that come with that. We then dig into how his social circle was the key asset that helped him get back on his feet quickly and what you can do to start developing social capital today so it can buoy you up in a time of need.

Lots of actionable advice in this episode. You’ll want to take notes. 

Show Highlights

  • How Jordan lost his job and business that he co-founded 
  • Why you aren’t quite starting from scratch when you lose a long-term job 
  • How Jordan catastrophized in the midst of starting a new venture, and how he gained proper perspective 
  • Practical advice Jordan got to help curb his anxiety about starting over 
  • What Jordan discovered about his friend group and network 
  • How to ask for help (“Always Be Giving”) 
  • Why asking for help is actually a sign of strength 
  • How Jordan recovered from the initial shock and awe phase of losing his job   
  • Ways to exercise control over your situation 
  • Discovering your “lay off lifelines” 
  • How valuable your network really is 
  • Maintaining your network and staying in touch with people 
  • Why you should offer specific help/tactics when someone asks or needs it 
  • Why to use “no response necessary” when communicating with people (especially high-level contacts) 
  • How Jordan has led his team through this big change 
  • How losing his job affected Jordan’s marriage 

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Connect With Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger Show 

Jordan on Twitter

Jordan’s website

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