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Piglet Day 13: Carmen Maria Machado Goes to Portland in Two Cookbooks

Eeek! (Or would the piggie say weeeee?!) We’re down to four books in this year’s Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks.

The first heat of round 3 has Her Body and Other Parties’s author Carmen Maria Machado judging two Portland cookbooks against each other. But will Kachka or Six Seasons take it?

Read the full judgment here.

Got questions? We have answers.
What is the Piglet?
Which books are in the running?
How do I catch up on judgments?
Is there a handy bracket for me to follow along with?
What’s this giveaway you speak of?

Food52 x Staub Piglet Glass-Lidded Braiser, 3.5QT

(via Food52)

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