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How to Be Self-Made, Naked, and Fearless—Day 4 of The Way of the Inspired Man Summit

The dominant ideal of being “a man” in our culture tends to be strong, silent and action-oriented.

Basically, you are supposed to be Clint Eastwood in the old Spaghetti Westerns.

Say little. Get sh*t done. Move on with a clear mind and heart.

That ideal is GREAT for exciting movies, but as most women will tell you, pretty lousy for a life partner.

What’s more, it’s pretty lousy for most men.

Men don’t get to get real and raw about what they are feeling and so bottle up their emotions.

That ideal is GREAT for exciting movies, but as most women will tell you, pretty lousy for a life partner.

Those bottled up emotions express as depression, rage, drink, opioids, and anxiety.

They are constrained to live a life of performance in front of their friends, colleagues, and most damagingly, their families.

Brene Brown tells the story that changed her research. Originally she only studied women’s shame and how that cripples women’s ability to live happy and fulfilling lives.

After speaking to a crowd, a man came up to her and asked, “What about male shame?”

Brown asked innocently, “What about it?” not really thinking it was much of an issue.

The man said, “Dr. Brown, my wife, and daughter would rather see me die on my white horse than fall off it.”


From that moment on, Brene Brown has focused on men’s shame as well, and how our inability to express ourselves openly hurts our mental and physical health.

It’s a lie that men need to stay quiet.

To not express our emotions.

To hide our shame and just “carry on” until we die, all noble and Eastwood-like.

In today’s 3-part hit of serious wisdom dropped by the Teachers of the Inspired Man Summit, you will learn how to FEEL like a man.

Get to know your truth like a man.

How to express your truth to women like a man.

And how to re-wire your brain to approach life as a pure, unadulterated gift as a man.

It’s just—well—this kind of “as a man” is a much more integrated, self-aware and genuinely powerful and communicative type of dude.

In our first session, we dive deep with Mike Dillard, the well-known host of the podcast The Self-Made Man.

Mike is a confessed introvert and yet, he has become a master communicator on how to develop the skills to go from broke to multi-millions.

In fact, Mike did just that, working as a waiter and now helming an empire that commands multi-millions of dollars per year.

How did he do it?

Go here and watch Mike Dillard teach you the character traits that allowed him to create an 8-Figure Business

In our second session, we get conversational and mindset secret after secret from David Wygant, the ur-dating coach, whose work not stretches back decades.

David has often been compared to Hitch, partly because of his long history of success with his clients as well as his raw, fearless approach to dating.

As is evidenced by the title of David’s best-known book—Naked—David gets his coaching students to avoid all the manipulation nonsense of the old PUA movement and simply approach women with raw curiosity, consideration, openness.

No masks. No coercion. No idiocy.

Go here and watch David Wygant teach you how to approach and connect with women naturally, confidently, openly and respectfully—raw and real

And finally, our third session features Dr. Sean Stephenson – the famous “3 Foot Giant”

Sean was supposed to die.

Born with “broken bone” disease, virtually every bone in his body was broken as he entered the world.

And then he endured another 200+ more breaks before age 18.

Sean is wheelchair-bound but his spirit and sense of humor are unbounded.

What are the mindset secrets that have allowed him to become a psychology PhD, speak on stage with the Dalai Lama, address packed and enthusiastic audiences worldwide and just be the funniest, warmest most reflective man you will ever meet?

I love this man.

He has been a dear friend for over a decade – and this session is one of the most personal and emotional of them all.

Go here and watch Dr. Sean Stephenson give you one wisdom-bomb after another about how to live every moment of life as if it were exactly the life you asked for.

The Inspired Man Summit was created to bring forward over 30 examples of the Positive Masculine. . . .

. . . especially in a time where the very word “masculine” is often under attack.

Please join us and bring your best to the world!

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