Apparently, Americans Are Drinking More Coffee Than Ever

Well, folks, it seems we’ve reached peak coffee consumption. All those cold brews and lattes and the slew of new home brewing techniques weren’t just a coincidence: Americans are drinking more coffee now than ever before.

A new study, released by the National Coffee Association (NCA) at their annual summit in New Orleans, revealed that the number of Americans drinking a cup a day is the highest it’s been since 2012. Recent years have seen a general boom in coffee drinking and appreciation as more consumers reach for that quality cup of joe.

A Turmeric Importer’s Trick For Feel-Really-Good Coffee
A Turmeric Importer’s Trick For Feel-Really-Good Coffee
by Valerio Farris

The survey showed that 64% of people profiled (all over 18) had consumed a cup of coffee the day prior. This was a rise from 2017’s statistic of 62% of people. The NCA asked around 3,000 respondents. In general, the study aligns with market data that exhibits a steady increase in the sale of coffee and coffee-related products in the past few years. Meanwhile, soda and juice sales have been on the decline for years as sugary drinks continue to get kicked to the curb.

What is surprising, however, was the percentage of people drinking coffee at home. Of the group surveyed, 79% reported having brewed their coffee at home, while those who consumed coffee outside the home, at cafés and such, came in around 36%. (The overlap in percent is most likely due to the people who drank a coffee at home and at a café.) What with all the lines I see packing coffee shops on the daily, I’m surprised to see a majority of people drinking their coffees at home. But maybe that’s just me…

The report included some other trends that could speak to the future of coffee drinking. For example, 48% of millennials admitted to drinking a cup of coffee that they would consider gourmet, and 9% of people shared that they ordered their drinks off an app. Neither of these break the halfway point, but perhaps they point to some impending trends? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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