Not Many are Laughing Along With Sec. Mnuchin

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Trump is being widely slammed for that comment and for using vulgar language to describe other opponents, but he has at least one fan on Capitol Hill. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Press that the comments should be seen as part of the campaign rally environment and that the national conversation should focus on Trump’s policies. “Obviously, there were a lot of funny moments at that rally,” Mnuchin said. But Social certainly isn’t laughing. Mnuchin gets 70 percent negative feedback, with comments calling his remarks “childish” and referring to him as Trump’s puppet. The “childish” criticism is especially apt, as Todd had just asked Mnuchin whether Trump should be a role model to children. The NBC host thought much the same as Social about Mnuchin’s response, giving him a deadpan reply before ending the interview. “Hilarious,” Todd said. –Hugo Guzman

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