11 Cat Beds So Cool You'll Wish You Could Curl Up in Them

As a cat owner, I’m all too familiar with the struggle of finding the perfect (purrr-fect?) bed for a feline companion. You want something that’s comfortable, but also one that complements your decor instead of being an eyesore.

Luckily for us cat owners, designers from all around the world have answered the call for beautiful and functional cat beds. Here are 11 amazing ones that are anything but traditional—in fact, many of them could stand on their own as pieces of cool decor!

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by Lindsay-Jean Hard

1. Elevele Felted Cat Bed

Photo by Elevele

Felted decor is just so cozy and lovely, don’t you think? These felted cat beds from Elevele come in a variety of soft, muted colors, and to be honest, we’d totally use them as regular storage baskets around the house. However, your feline will probably claim the bed as their own, so you might have to fight them for it!

2. Meyou Paris’s The Cube

Photo by Meyou

This Parisian cat bed is the epitome of cool modern design. The Cube consists of a wooden frame with a round fabric “cocoon” inside. Not only is it a great place for cats to snooze, but they can also use the cocoon to sharpen their claws—hopefully sparing your furniture.

3. MiaCara Anello Cat Basket

Photo by MiaCara

Take the fur lining out of this cat bed and it could totally pass as a stunning serving tray. The Anello Cat Basket has a natural wood frame and metal feet, and it includes a cozy faux fur cushion where felines will love to curl up. This bed’s simplicity and beautiful craftsmanship make it a welcome addition to any home.

4. Binq Design Bloq Bed

Photo by Binq Design

This unique cat hideaway doubles as a fully functional side table—it even has a drawer for storage! You can choose from several colorful cushions for the Bloq Bed, where your cat will love to lounge. It really is the perfect way to integrate a cat bed into your existing decor.

5. Ohhio Braided Cat Bed

Photo by Ohhio

Are you obsessed with the chunky knit blankets that have been all the rage for the last few years? Then you’ll love the Ohhio Braided Cat Bed, which has that same thick-knitted look.

These beds are made from cotton tube yarn filled with hollow fiber, and they can withstand even the sharpest claws. Who wouldn’t want this adorable basket adorning their room?

6. Woozy Cat Hammock

Photo by Wohood

Cats love to be warm, which is why you can often find them napping happily on radiators. You can give your furry friends the perfect cozy bed in their favorite spot with the Woozy Cat Hammock. This minimalistic cat bed comes in several colors and its unique design hooks onto radiators to give your cat a safe, toasty perch. The hooks can also be used as a stand so you can alternatively prop it up on the floor.

7. Wooly Cat Caves

Photo by WoolyCatCaves

If you have a more whimsical aesthetic, you’ll love these Wooly Cat Caves—they look like they’re straight out of a Dr. Seuss book! The caves are hand-felted in Italy, and they come in several muted colors. It’s basically a piece of art, and your cat will love having a cozy hideaway for napping.

8. CozyCama Cat Bed

Photo by Cozy Cama

Not only are CozyCama pet beds incredibly chic, they also have a really cool premise. You see, CozyCama beds are designed so you can simply use an old bed pillow in them—it’s perfect for furry friends that have separation issues and are comforted by your smell.

The beds come in a few different finishes so you can match your decor, and you can purchase coordinating pillow shams to boot.

9. Snooze Sphere Cat Bed

Photo by Snooze Sphere

Here is a futuristic bed for all the forward-thinking kitties out there. The half-circle Snooze Sphere beds are incredibly modern and would fit in well in any contemporary home.

10. Catissa Geobed

Photo by Catissa

If a modern geometric design is more your speed, look no further than the Catissa Geobed. It will fit kitties big and small, and even small dogs! A sheepskin cushion is included with every easy-to assemble bed, just perfect for all those catnaps.

11. Katris

Photo by Katris

Okay, so this isn’t technically a bed, but these cat accessories are too cool not to include. Katris blocks are geometric cat scratchers designed to look like Tetris pieces—and they fit together just like the game! You can stack them to create cool pieces of furniture that double as kitty playgrounds, and you can even mount them on the walls.

Where does your kitty like to snuggle up? Let us know in the comments!

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