Netflix's New Baking Show Has a Hilarious Trailer

Baking shows tend to be all about perfection. We watch, with awe and delight, as masterful bakers whip and knead, whisk and shape raw ingredients into something magnificent. Wow, we muse, wouldn’t it be nice to taste something like that, nonetheless be able to make it? Sure. It would be. And maybe one day we can all achieve that level of kitchen confidence. But in the meantime, there’s a new Netflix baking show that’s less about the success and more about the mess. Nailed It is for the failure in all of us.

The show, set to premiere on March 9, follows the familiar game show format, but with a twist. In this show, there’s less of an emphasis on perfection—instead, it’s about embracing the mistakes. Ever tried to recreate that perfect Pinterest (or Food52!) cake and found that it just didn’t quite match up? Then Nailed It is for you. Check out the trailer:

Comedian Nicole Byer and chocolatier Jacques Torres will host the show and be joined each week by a guest star to help with the judging. The series is set to be six episodes long and will be released in its entirety on the streaming behemoth we all know and love. It feels lighthearted and off-kilter in a way that will for sure keep me entertained. Will I be tuning in? You bet.

Could this be the new Great British Baking Show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

(via Food52)

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