8 Dinners for One Because You're Alone and That's OK

Have you heard it’s Valentine’s Day? That day for hand holding and smooching and endless utterings of adoration? For some, at least. For the rest of us, the day holds less import. But does it have to? “NO!” shouts a chorus of loners, arms raised in unison.

This Valentine’s Day, you could treat your partner-in-crime or your best friend—or you could treat the person who knows you better than anyone else: yourself. I’m here to advocate not for a fancy meal for two (or three, or four—no judgement!), but a verified Feast! For! One! Don’t sit around, twiddling your thumb, with the blues and takeout. Crank up the oven, pour yourself a glass of something nice, listen to your favorite playlist, and toast to another year around the sun spent with—points to self—this guy.

Whether you want to try your hand at something new and complex, or savor something simple, go for it. This night is all about celebrating yourself.

Solo Spaghetti

This recipe is perfectly tailored for the single cook. It’s rich without being overly complex. Twirl away.

Rhonda's Spaghetti with Fried Eggs and Pangratatto for One
Rhonda’s Spaghetti with Fried Eggs and Pangratatto for One
by Rhonda35

Steak your claim

A saucy steak for the handsome single? Don’t mind if I do!

Adam Gopnik's Entrecôte with Sauce Bercy
Adam Gopnik’s Entrecôte with Sauce Bercy
by Adam Gopnik

Knead it Out

Go for the gnocchi tonight. What better way to spend your evening than rolling and portioning a pillowy potato dough. Toss it all with a smoky paprika sauce. Buon appetito!

Gnocchi with Smoked Paprika Brown Butter and Pecans
Gnocchi with Smoked Paprika Brown Butter and Pecans
by Judy Haubert

Spicy and Smothered

This recipe is just like you: fierce and independent. Stuff tortillas with gooey cheese and layer it all with a fiery sauce because you’re worth it.

Entomatadas (Cheese-Filled, Tomato Sauce-Smothered Tortillas)
Entomatadas (Cheese-Filled, Tomato Sauce-Smothered Tortillas)
by Sarah Jampel

Ooey Gooey

Don’t skimp; lean sumptuous. This Tuscan onion soup recipe, when cut in half, is the perfect meal for one. Plus, you’ll have some leftovers for lunch. We all win!

Tuscan Onion Soup (Carabaccia)
Tuscan Onion Soup (Carabaccia)
by Emiko

Crisp and Charred

This crispy pork is perfect. It’s charred and spicy and with a generous squeeze of lime. Sichuan peppercorns are excellent company.

Melissa Clark's Crispy Salt & Pepper Pork
Melissa Clark’s Crispy Salt & Pepper Pork
by Genius Recipes

Udon for You

Cozy up to a warm bowl of spicy, peanutty udon this evening. This recipe will have you in and out of the kitchen in no time. Put on a good movie and curl up on the couch.

Spicy, Peanutty Udon with Kale
Spicy, Peanutty Udon with Kale
by Laura

Cocoa Loco

Top off this evening of self love and decadence with none other than a cardamom laced hot chocolate. It comes together in minutes and warms your soul.

Cardamom Hot Chocolate
Cardamom Hot Chocolate
by motease

How will you be feeding treating yourself this Valentine’s Day? Tell us how in the comments below.

(via Food52)

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