AoM Store Clearance: 40% Off All Grooming Products and 2018 Calendar

With the holidays a month behind us, we’re going through the inventory at the Art of Manliness Store and clearing things out to make room for new products in 2018. Here are the latest items to be added to the AoM Clearance section:

40% Off All Grooming Products

Back in 2013 we introduced a line of Art of Manliness shaving gear: a safety razor, a badger brush, a lather mug, even a classy straight razor. For several years, the shaving stuff was some of our biggest sellers, but in the past year or so, interest in old-school shaving seems to have waned. It might have to do with the fact that once you buy a safety razor or a straight razor, you really don’t need to buy another one. You’re set for the rest of your life. Heck, I still use my grandpa’s 60-year-old Gillette safety razor and my great-grandpa’s 100-year-old straight razor. With that in mind, we’re retiring our AoM shaving gear. 

If you’re a last hold-out and haven’t set yourself up for life yet with a safety or straight razor, you’re in luck. We’ve marked down all the shaving stuff 40%. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Get one of these razors before it’s too late. It’ll be a collector’s item one day worth hundreds of dollars on Antiques Roadshow.

40% Off the 2018 Illustrated Calendar

Learn a new skill each month with our 2018 Illustrated Guide Desk Calendar. Each month you’ll find one of our famous, one-of-a-kind illustrations by Ted Slampyak showing you how to master a variety of skills from surviving hypothermia to carving a turkey like a man.

We’ve got a few of these left in stock and since we’re already a month into the new year, we’ve put them on sale for 40% off. Grab one today and become a handier man the rest of the year through.

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