Podcast #371: The Best Ways to Rehab From Injury

Whenever you experience an injury or have a niggling pain in your lower back, you probably decide to completely rest up so that whatever ails you can heal and recover. But the pain doesn’t go away, so you introduce some light isolation movements to help with the recovery. But the pain still doesn’t go away, so you rest some more and pretty soon it’s been months or even years since you’ve done anything that resembles real exercise.

My guest today argues that if you want the pain to go away, you’ve got to get off the Barcalounger and under a barbell.

His name is Dr. Darin Deaton. He’s a physical therapist, CrossFit coach, and Starting Strength coach. Today on the show, Darin and I discuss the common myths people have about the safety of barbell training and why family practitioners and physical therapists contribute to the existence of those myths. Darin then explains why strength training is the best tool for rehabbing an injury and why the reason you have a bad back in the first place is because your back isn’t sufficiently strong. Darin and I then discuss his overall philosophy and approach for rehabbing patients utilizing barbell lifts as well as other physical therapy modalities. We then get into specific injuries that barbell lifters and runners experience and how to rehab them. We end our conversation discussing the effectiveness of practices like dry-needling and electrical stimulation in recovering from persistent pain and injuries. 

Show Highlights

  • Darin’s background and he came to be a physical therapist and Starting Strength coach 
  • Why PTs and barbell training don’t always go together, and how Darin bridged that divide 
  • Myths about barbell training that persist in the health care world 
  • Do back injuries totally prevent people from barbell training?
  • How barbell training helped Darin recover from his back surgeries 
  • Why being overly cautious just reinforces your weaknesses 
  • The most common injuries that Darin sees in his strength coaching 
  • What the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says about kids and strength training
  • Does strength training stunt development in children and teenagers?
  • What your training should look like after an injury 
  • The unconventional Starr rehab model 
  • How to treat common running injuries 
  • What is dry needling? How about cupping? What use do those have in rehab? 
  • Is there a way to know when an injury is healed and you can resume full training?

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