6 Tips to Keep Your Marriage Happy and Healthy

There’s nothing more exciting than that feeling that we all get when we first meet the love of our lives. The puppy dog love and anxiety behind starting a new relationship keep us on our toes. But, as we’re in a relationship with the same person, emotions don’t run as hot and the lust that was once there seems to fade into the background.

One of the keys to a long marriage is to ensure that both people are happy and healthy. As we settle into a marriage, we also tend to let the comforts of being in a long-term relationship take charge. Don’t let the flame of your relationship fade! Here are 6 tips to keep your marriage happy and healthy.

1. Talk

One of the simplest ways to keep your marriage going is to talk to each other. As the days get busier, couples tend to spend less time communicating, but it doesn’t hurt to talk to each other, even about small things. If work was stressful, confide in your partner about it. If you’re feeling down or feel that something is lacking in the relationship, discuss it. To boost your communication:

  • Talk in person
  • Set aside time to reconnect
  • Be honest

Proper communication will keep your marriage happy, healthy, and long-lasting.

2. Be Appreciative

After being married for years, it’s easy to get used to your partner being around. What used to be along passionate kiss to welcome each other home has now turned into quick peck or nothing at all. While it’s nice to enjoy the comforts of a marriage, sometimes we get too comfortable and fall into boring routines.

Not feeling connected or appreciated by your partner can be problematic. To keep your marriage alive and well, show your appreciation. Get back to being romantic and physical with each other. It will re-strengthen the bond between you!

3. Don’t Forget About Sex

After marriage, there’s a long-running joke that sex and physical affection go out the window. As we get used to the married life, we tend to put less focus on sex and romance and instead focus on long days at work or taking care of the kids. But, if you want to ensure your marriage stays happy and healthy, neglecting sex is never a wise option.

Take the time to reconnect with each other on a personal level. Plan to have a night alone, without the kids. If there are underlying sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction or a lack of self-esteem, talk about it! Men tend to be much less interested in sex when they suffer from decreased sexual function. Take a trip to the doctor with your husband and ask for a coupon for Viagra. At the same time, body image and self-esteem can also cause women to be less interested in sex. Find ways to boost your self-image and get back to feeling good about yourself.

4. Take Care of Yourself

Let’s face it, most of us don’t look like what we did 5 years ago. Before the kids and the stressful job, chances are, we had much more time to focus on our looks. At the same time, we also didn’t have the guts to walk around in day old clothes and morning hair in the beginning of the relationship.

While it’s okay to settle into things, we never want to let ourselves go. Take the time to take care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, and stay active. While your partner doesn’t expect you to look like a model every hour of every day, it never hurts to dress to impress every so often. Sometimes it’s a nice surprise to see your partner dressed up. It can rekindle that fire and excitement that’s since taken the back burner.

5. Honesty Is the Best Policy

Lying, even white lies, can ruin a marriage. Being honest is one of the best things you can do in a marriage. Hiding things from your partner will only comeback to bite you. If you’re having issues paying a bill or other financial problems, let your partner know. Or, if you’re stressed and feeling distant, be honest and upfront about your emotions.

6. Be Thankful

After being in a relationship for so long, we can fall into the tit for tat issue. If you do something for your husband, you expect him to do something for you. While it’s nice to have a partner that reciprocates actions, marriage isn’t a game of who does the most. Be thankful for what you both do for each other. If your husband took the time to do the dishes, thank him, just as he should thank you for cooking dinner or sorting laundry.


Marriages take work. But, there’s nothing that the two of you can’t conquer. Keep these tips in your mind and when you get the opportunity, practice them.  You’ll be surprised how the simplest things improve our relationships with one another.

How do you keep the love strong for your marriage?  Tell us in the comments below!

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