We tried a hangover pill and the results are in…

Partiers, rabble-rousers, and general good-time-havers, listen up: You no longer need to suffer the morning-after aches and pains constantly associated with a night of drinking.

Organic hangover “cures” have been popular in Asian countries for generations, yet word of their is only just reaching the United States. And if you want to experiment with an all-natural way to escape your post-booze grogginess, look no further than Flyby, a formulated capsule that boosts your body’s natural response to alcohol.

We caught up with Eddie Huai, 23-year-old founder of the company, to get the lowdown on how he’s helping Flyby customers make sure their mornings are just as good as the night before. Huai first looked into hangover cures after being exposed to them on a trip to Tokyo, Japan. In gearing up for a night out drinking with friends, they suggested he take one of the anti-hangover supplements already popular in the country in order to prepare.

“Despite drinking til the sun came up, I woke up feeling great,” he says.

So… what’s the deal with hangovers?

All those gross, achy, bleary-eyed symptoms that you wake up to after a fun night out at the bar come from the buildup of an organic byproduct called acetaldehyde. Whether it’s a craft beer or a fancy cocktail, your body metabolizes the alcohol in a way that yields the toxin which is bad news for humans who like to drink: acetaldehyde is 30 to 40 times more toxic than alcohol itself.

A healthy liver can process approximately one drink per hour, but when acetaldehyde sticks around afterward, it continues to wreak havoc on your insides. For example, alcohol suppresses your neurotransmitter glutamate (it’s responsible for regulating your heart rate). As a result, your brain tries to overcompensate when you go to sleep. This is why your easy-going night out with friends might often be bookended by a crippling hangover, waking up early, or anxiety the morning after.

So Huai is here with good news — hangovers are a chemical problem with a chemical solution. After more than a year of research and collaboration with a PhD and MD, the Flyby team arrived at a synergistic mix of high-quality ingredients that act to effectively uninvent the hangover.

“We’re helping people drink smarter” says Huai.

How does Flyby work?

Flyby comes in capsule form, each one containing doses of Dihydromyricetin (DHM), Prickly Pear extract, Milk Thistle, Spirulina, N-acetyl-cysteine, L-Theanine, Taurine plus vitamins, minerals and more. Take three before you go out drinking–then three more before bed (if it’s one of those nights). Together, the ingredients form an anti-alcohol task force inside your body.

DHM in particular is quite the superhero of the anti-hangover world. Found in tea and certain raisin trees, this substance swings to the body’s rescue to break down excess acetaldehyde by turning it into acetic acid that is flushed naturally out of the body. As Huai puts it, this is like “the bouncer that kicks acetaldehyde out of the club.” It also prevents glutamate rebound — alcohol suppresses this chemical in your brain and so your brain goes into overdrive and produces more than it needs — which is what leads to a pounding headache, as well as fatigue and anxiety.

The other ingredients work in concert to counter hangovers from multiple angles: reducing inflammation, boosting liver function, replenishing nutrients depleted by alcohol, expediting the removal of alcohol. Flyby presents itself as a comprehensive solution to the hangover.

“Flyby works like your liver’s personal trainer, bodyguard, and bouncer all at once,” Huai says. “Our customers like to have fun, but at the same time, they also work hard and want to take care of their bodies. Flyby is like a fuel that powers adventure without compromise.”

So what’s the verdict?

We gave Flyby to a few of our friends down in Austin, TX at The Hustle satellite office (AKA Lonestar 1). Our brave testers put their bodies on the line all for the sake of a testimonial. And the results are impressive.

Austin from The Hustle’s sales team now swears by Flyby. According to him, it was the only thing that got him through this year’s Hustle Con party after 10 (or so) drinks:

“I give 100% credit due to gulping down a few Flyby’s at the start of the party the night before. It was like adding a Hemi to my liver, and helped rid me of all those nasty toxins and byproducts of alcohol processing. I was tired, sure, but no splitting headache. No ratchet, poisoned feeling. I could get up and carry on with my day, hangover free.”

Now whenever Austin knocks back a few, he’s chasing with Flyby. Or there’s Adam, head of sales at The Hustle, who treats Flyby like a midweek savior:

“As someone who loves Thursday night bowling leagues, my Friday mornings can be pretty rough. Let’s just say, an Austin TX. breakfast taco isn’t enough to counteract a pair of $5 PBR pitchers. The only thing I’ve found that wards off the headaches and keeps me whole the next day is Flyby. I take 3 before I start drinking, and in the morning I’m ready to rock n’ roll.”

So, what’s stopping you from saying goodbye to hangovers? You can buy Flyby capsules in various quantities at various price points, but if you use the discount code FLYHUSTLE, you’ll get 20% off your order.

Bottoms up!

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